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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ward choir performance 080720

We sang Come, come ye saints, in honor of the pending pioneer day. I was inspired by how the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is singing it. They sing it v1. women, very quietly. v2 men, a little louder. v3 All parts, and louder. v4 All parts, Loud and building. Each verse modulate in key and adds to the dynamics and mood. Typically, in church we start the 4th verse very quietly, as if remebering those that have past on, and then build.

We sang it similar to what "the Choir" did. We used the simplified hymn book for hte first two verses, and sang unison, women on v1 and men on v2, also building from pianissimo. I addapted a short 5 measure transition from that hymn book (with one flat) to the current hymnn book (one sharp), which took the note up a half step.
The forth verse we used the old blue hymn book, (four flats - another half step up.) This gave our performance a similar modulation, but not requireing the skill of a concert pianist. We increased volumne with each succesive verse and then began the forth verse very quietly, as expected. After singing, "And should be die," with a fermata (birds eye - hold) the piano played a trasitional chord changing us from the current hymn book, to the old (the half step up) and we started over loud, and built to the end. (With a lot of holds, ritards, and other direction).

I felt that it went well. Running from Sacrament meeting to play the piano if primary, I don't get a lot of feed back from the congregation. No choir practice for a month. I know that we will lose any momentum that we gained from this last piece, but we will be starting Christmas music, and that always brings the people out to sing. I have found some intersting pieces, that will probably catch some of hte member off guard, but it's differences, like dynamics, that move people.

Desi's Dinasaurs Walk now for autism

We have a team.

Desi's Dinasaurs.

We're walking on October 18, 2008. If you would like to join our team, or just make a contribution, go to the link above.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Follow up to last post

The recent uproar about the Savage Nation has helped me reflect on my last few weeks. I mentioned that the week preceding July 13th was bad...

After the backup baby sitter backed out after the first day, I altered my schedule to spend my afternoons with Des.

I took him with me one afternoon, with high temps around 110 degrees, to the locksmith to see what it would cost to get a lock on the front door, that we could lock with a key from the inside. Des has gotten so good at dragging and piling up furniture at the front door to get to and open the latches that we have added. I decided that the only way to keep him from getting out of the house was to add a key lock inside, and everyone needs to keep their key in their pockets.

At the locksmith there was a candy dispenser. It was late in the afternoon, about the time Des will melt down if he hasn't had any solid sensory input. He did melt down, falling on the floor and screaming. I was tring to find out what I needed to know, and waited patiently behind a man, who I assumed would be understanding. As he turned to leave, he said, "I think someone needs a spanking." I said, feeling somewhat lame, "He has autism, that wouldn't do any good."

Since that event I believe that I have become paranoid. I will still take him with me when I go to stores, I don't see how I can improve his behavior in that environment if I don't take him into it. But it is set up to be difficult; long slow lines, shopping carts that he is too big for now, candy at the checkout counters, and of course, lots of intollerant people.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A really tough week

This last week has been one of the most difficult in recent memory.

Some componants:

Lisa on vacation.

Back up baby sitter for Des lasted one day.

Days got as hot as 109 Degrees.

No air conditioning in my car.